More Than Just a Subjective Testimonial

Not available anywhere else, DentaQual is an objectively-measured dental quality platform intended to provide payers, employers and patients with a single tool for understanding how U.S. dentists practice in relation to their peers (within the same specialty and in the same geography). For dentists, it provides a powerful means to promote their practices to new patients and demonstrates to insurance payers that they are adhering to statistical practice norms. There are many more benefits for dentists.


Uniform Measures

The overall DentaQual assessment is based on uniform defined measures for which comparable claims data is available for dentists. The DentaQual measurement platform uses performance measures that have been informed through review of external professional sources as guidance.

Unique and Objective Quality Measurement

DentaQual scoring is based on an individual dentist’s "standard deviation from the norm," the norm being the average practice behavior of a dentist’s peers in their geographic area. It is not based on pre-determined or subjective benchmarks such as user reviews.

DentaQual — what Does It Measure?

With DentaQual quality is measured based on multiple metrics scored in each of five categories:

DentQual Measurement Categories 4.0.png

DentaQual - How Does It Measure Individual Dentist Quality?

DentaQual leverages the P&R Dental Strategies multi-payer dental claims database called DentBase® to measure quality. DentaBase is powered by de-identified and aggregated dental claims data from all 50 U.S. states.

Key things to know about DentaQual:

  • Is not based on pre-determined benchmarks of quality.

  • Assumes that the norm represents the average level of good quality in the dental community (by 3-digit zip; by specialty)

  • Generates scores based on standard deviation from the norm.

  • Delivers a score based on an easy to understand 5-star scale.