Quality dental care deserves to be recognized.


That's why P&R Dental Strategies, The Authority on Dental Quality®, created the DentaQual Leaders in Quality awards program.

Leaders in Quality recognizes the top-performing elite dentists practicing in the United States who have earned the highest rating in our DentaQual measurement platform — an objective, peer-ranked scoring system based on uniform defined measures. Learn more about how our DentaQual scores dentists.


About Leaders in Quality®

Find out about why we created the DentaQual Leaders in Quality award program, what the DentaQual quality measurement methodology is and how it selects the top dentists in the U.S. for recognition each year.

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The 2019 Elite Star® Dentists

See who's been recognized in our second annual list of elite dentists performing at the top of their profession and delivering the very best quality care according to our DentaQual quality measurement methodology.

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